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1) Guided meditations - 1 hour (£50)

We will have a discussion about where you are, followed by a guided meditation to help you develop a deep, restful awareness of your experience.

2) Matrix Reimprinting - 1 hour (£65)

We will explore any issues you are having, then use Matrix to get to the emotional root, removing the blockage and replacing with a sense of empowerment.

3) Matrix Remprinting - a block of 4 (£225)

We can use Matrix to profoundly rewire your conditioned responses and triggers over a course of 4 sessions.

4) Mindful Coaching - a block of 4 (£200)

We will explore what is happening in your life, working with the present moment in the body, developing peace, presence and a compassionate relationship with the self.

Samata Russell

I am a mindfulness practitioner with more than fifteen years of experience in the transformative power of awareness practices, having trained extensively in yoga, tai chi, martial arts, vipassana meditation and mindfulness-based approaches.

The power of mindfulness is the capacity to develop a compassionate and spacious presence with yourself and whatever you are experiencing in any moment. As we drop beneath mental chatter, we open up to the wisdom of the heart and body, becoming aware of any places where we are stuck and holding on to old emotional patterns, dynamics and issues. By cultivating a calm and compassionate presence, we learn how love ourselves unconditionally, trusting that we have the strength and courage to face ourselves and what is happening in our lives.

I am also able to work with very deep rooted trauma using EFT and matrix reimprinting. In particular, matrix works to release stuck emotions within the body mind, and once those emotions have moved through, to leave people with an empowering and loving replacement. So if you're trauma left you feeling unloveable, you would be lead to bring in and embody a feeling of being innately and incredibly loveable. It is a profoundly powerful technique that works especially well for acute emotional issues such as panic attacks and phobias.

I am very happy to have a chat free of charge with people to explore whether either of these approaches would be helpful.