Frankincense Resin (250grams)

Frankincense Resin (250grams)



LATIN NAME: Boswellia carterii
SOURCE: resin collected from trees: Resin/Tears/Gum
COLOUR: dark red amber resin
ORIGIN: Somalia
AROMA: spicy, warm, soothing, with hints of lemon

These tears are the resin from the tree, and when Hydro-steam distilled give us frankincense oil. Traditionally burnt as an aid for meditation - creates a spiritual atmosphere. Good for breathing. Used in hospitals in the Middle East to cleanse and fumigate. Precious gift given to Jesus and used in church to this day. These will leave a resinous, residue in the burner.

I put a few tears in a bowl and use as potpourri. In church they are placed on hot coals and left to smolder.

Organically grown: no pesticides or herbicides used.

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