CBD Super balm

CBD Super balm


CBD Super Balm organic

The best that we can buy.

Nothing exactly like it on earth. Rich, energizing, revitalizing and moisturizing for balancing all body skin and nails.

Use on lips, cuticles and all your special areas. Soothing for sore muscles.

A blend using 150mg of purified CO2 extracted Full spectrum CBD oil
also pure Hempseed carrier oil and Hemp essential oil.

List of ingredients: 97% organically grown

Cocoa butter organic Theobroma cacao
Shea Butter organic Butyrospermum parkii
Coconut solid organic Cocos nucifera
Hempseed oil organic Cannabis sativa
Jojoba oil organic Simmondsia chinensis
Myrica wax organic Myrica Cerifera Fruit Wax
Cumin black seed oil Cuminum Cyminum
Carnauba wax organic Copernicia prunifera
Calendula organic Calendula officinalis
Vitamin E organic natural mixed tocopherols
CBD full spectrum organic Cannabis sativa
Hemp Essential oil Cannabis sativa
Peppermint mitcham type Mentha piperita
Helichrysum italicum organic Helichrysum italicum 
Black pepper Piper nigrum

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