Some of the issues that I can help with include: 

  • Anxiety/Stress

  • Low self-esteem

  • Issues around Chronic Illness

  • Mood disorders Loss and bereavement

  • Depression

  • Eating/Body Image problems

  • Relationship problems

Jill Paine

Before setting up in private practice here in Guernsey I spent 12 years working for NHS England in a number of specialist psychological therapy services.  I originally trained as an Occupational Therapist and then developed my career to focus on Cognitive Analytic Therapy (known as CAT). It’s an amazing talking therapy which was developed within the NHS and is now used in therapy services and private practice all over the world.  

It works by looking at the patterns of thinking, feeling and acting which we create in early childhood to help us make sense of and function in the world.  And whilst sometimes the patterns are obvious and right, sometimes they can become the source of our problems which can lead to symptoms of depression, anxiety, eating disorders and so on.   You might recognise some of these patterns if you have ever asked yourself questions like: why do I always push the people I love away; why do I comfort eat or stop eating when I’m sad; why am I moody or angry all the time or why do I feel so misunderstood or rejected.

CAT can help you to recognise these patterns and how they developed and enables you to discover choices and ‘exits’ from the patterns which can make life better for yourself and those close to you.  CAT is an evidence-based therapy, which is collaborative and respectful to both individuals and couples and can be adapted to meet individual needs and circumstances.  

The therapy is time framed and the number of sessions that we will do is negotiated within the early stages of the therapy.   It’s only when we start working together that I will have an idea of the length of therapy needed, but it will usually be between 4 and 16 or occasionally a longer period.  

I’m always happy to answer questions or to talk to someone considering therapy – just send me a message at or via my Facebook Page:  Jill Paine Psychological Therapy. 

You may find the ACAT website very helpful if you would like to learn more: